Glider by Tin0s

Yet another try.

Feel like this is the best I have done so far, so I guess it’s possible to get even better. lol :smiley:

Please feed back what you guys thing, I need it!

Very nice! An interesting track you’ve put together there - keep with it. A couple of suggestions…

  1. Your hats and snares are definitely getting lost in the overall mix - run them through a high pass filter to roll these off the lower frequencies then try boosting with a saturator.

  2. In contrast, the wobbly bass at around 2.20 is lacking sub bass! Otherwise this works really well.

  3. Finally, your breakdown around 1.27 feels a little abrupt - maybe try to extend this a little more?

    With these addressed I think you will have a great piece, and one definitely worth sticking with.