Godskitchen Global Gathering

Line up for this is looking good, anyone here doing this this year?

Been a few years since I’ve done any kinda of festival but think I might go this year.

Check it out:


Highlights for me:

Godskitchen Arena

Ferry Corsten

Eddie Halliwell

Markus Schulz

…Aly & Fila

Simon Patterson

Marco V

Richard Durand

Cosmic Gate

Andy Moor


Ben Gold

Mark Eteson

Group Therapy Arena

Above & Beyond

Sander van Doorn

Gareth Emery

Gabriel & Dresden

John O’Callaghan

Super8 & Tab

Mat Zo


psycatron playin the bedrock section

Went to the first 5 (2000 - 2005), thought i’d always go but ended up just f*cking it off.

I don’t do camping

[quote]slender (31/03/2011)[hr]I don’t do camping[/quote]

Funny, i thought ‘camp’ was your middle name :wink:

if the event was all trance, I would never go. But the lineup looks great. Its like Ultra kinda.

How many people can fit in that place?

about 55000 according to google

[quote]gofunk (01/04/2011)[hr]about 55000 according to google[/quote]

who says? is it an article? I always thought it was bigger.

yah that festival looks insane. very similar to ultra. cept i bet its much cook cause it is aboad.

miami has a way of raping people. true story.

me personally. i would kill slender for a chance to catch Chase & Status - LIVE.

i can only imagine the mayhem that will ensue during that set.

I think Creamfields looks better this year.


Secret Garden Party for me. Music isn’t as good, but it is a lot more fun.


nice to see gabriel and dresden back…

[quote]jjdejong0 (08/04/2011)[hr]nice to see gabriel and dresden back…[/quote]

I think Josh is alot happier too, which is great. Guy is super talented.

buhh i’m f*cking jealous we don’t get such festivals around here , i’d probably go to all of them hah

Last time I went to global I got so smashed in the first night I “think” I gave all my cash to a stripper! Great night:D

When i used to go there was no such thing as two days camping, it was a one day event of i think 12 hours! That’s how long it’s been… 6 years! Nuts.

Yeah I went to the first and camped it up. Didn’t sleep

[quote]Roben (08/04/2011)[hr]When i used to go there was no such thing as two days camping, it was a one day event of i think 12 hours! That’s how long it’s been… 6 years! Nuts.


+1 on this, it was the early days I was there, there was a que of traffic going through a field into a town and out the other side of the town. on top of that it was like hottest day of the year. no way could you have sat on the bus for hours in traffic, it took long enough to drive from edinburgh.

anyway we had to walk through a town and still got there before the bus, people where selling bottles of water on thier door steps!

I remember sniffer dogs and **** there which was a first for me.

some chick got carried away having a fit at the end from the gallary tent.

I was completely out my dome it, sitting in a field was some random supplying me with free “stuff” (cough) for hours lol.

It was ace…

I need to get back to one of theses… been way to long. I remember hearing eddie halliwell dropping Push - Universal Nation at one point. I loved that tune - that was a moment!

ahhh the memories.

I think this was only like the 1st or 2nd one. Not done creamfields since the year after they moved it from liverpool either. Someone sh!t themselves if front on the main outdoor stage when the the prodigy was on… his mate walked him away… I still remember the smell… poor bugger!