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Gold Chainz

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Black Octopus continues its legendary line of word class Xfer Serum preset libraries with Gold Chainz!

Created by the producer of Electropolis, the sounds in this pack are masterfully crafted and sculpted to perfection. You can expect an abundance of shredding growls, glitched out arps, spaced out alien leads, & dystopian pads to jumpstart your creativity. The deep & dirty sounds will fit right at home in dubstep, trap, riddim, glitch hop, hip hop, and other genres looking for some twisted bass heavy sounds.

horn at 2.14 doesn’t seem to be included and was the only reason I bought this, not happy.

Hey there @1337loser

General rule when it comes to samples/presets packs is that almost 100% of the time, demos tracks used to present the packs are showcasing processed or tweaked sounds. Sometimes there’s also additional sounds ( like drums i.e ) not included inside the packs.

For that “horn” sound as you call it, it might be a Serum lead preset ( or a wave-table raw sound ) that’s been tweaked with automation inside Serum.