Good Acapellas

Hello, does anyone know where I can find a good acapella for Rhianna’s latest single"S&M"… this track is begging to be remixed… I found a home made one on acapellas4u but its a little shaky…

I think the original music sucks as well. hahahahah


I just finished my dutch house remix of this lol. I used the DIY version, with a full track behind it you cant really tell the difference. Also im worried about how much I like this tune but I really really do lol, I feel like such a sell out but I really do like commercial tracks lol.

I have to say, she has a great voice… post up your remix, i want to hear it…

she has a great voice for sure. not a huge fan of all her songs… but a great voice 4 sure.

you can find a couple acapellas at

but most of them are just blah. you might find something there though.

Just have a few more things to sort out, ill post the link when its done its a bootleg so everyone can have it for freeeeeeee lol.

[quote]jjdejong0 (09/03/2011)[hr]I feel like such a sell out but I really do like commercial tracks lol.[/quote]

It follows. Dutch House and Trance, about as commercial as dance music gets!

Yeah but id rather play to 20,000 people than to 100 in a smelly underground seedy club…

Also i disagree about dutch house music being commercial, perhaps if you listen to more than just Afrojack and DJ Chuckie you will find it gets pretty dirty and gritty and its not really radio friendly, well atleast if your radio station is based outside of the Netherlands…

I was being a little cheeky, but its true at the same time.

Not all Trance/Dutch House is commercial I imagine. But I guess it lends itself to being commercial more than some other styles.

The decision if commercial is good or bad is up to the listener :stuck_out_tongue:

boemklatsch are the dirtiest electro collective out there… they are dutch so does it make it dutch house? :open_mouth:

Not really if you want real gritty dirty dutch house type in youtube and search for Bassjackers