Good breaks drum hit samples?


looking for a good sample pack (happy to buy) for programming breaks drum patterns with. I want some nice beefy kicks as for me breaks is all about the bass being subby in the kick and nice snares etc.

any suggestions on a fresh pack?

I wuld strongly recommend Vengeance club essentials. Google it. It isn’t cheap but filled with literally thousands of samples.

I think theres about 500 kicks. including about 150 ‘bass’ kicks which are really nice and hit the sub :wink:

Hope thats what you were looking for.

P.s there also loyalty free :smiley:

Thanks I will take a look

Ever hear of Native Insturments Machine?

you can’t go wrong there. or battery 3

VEngeance fo sho. SAMPLE MAGIC too: - just as good. Look for “All the Breaks” online for the most classic funk break loops of all time - used in hip hop and DNB etc. Search funk and soul blogs in google if you’re looking for original beats to sample. Helps to have propellerheads RECYCLE if you want to chop em up. Loopmasters are also great for pro samples. You can find loads for free online if you search and save your money - tho quality isn’t a guarantee and it’s hard to polish a poo.

Yes I would love machine but cant afford that cash!

Same kinda goes for battery I’d love that library, but its a big outlay when i have just spent on Ableton Live Suite, Traktor, Kontrol X1 and an audio DJ2.

Battery and massive are next on my list of wants

Vengeance’s samples are amazing! The drums are really good :slight_smile:

[quote]nohero (12/05/2010)[hr]Yes I would love machine but cant afford that cash![/quote]

Don’t write it off completely - I bought mine for £350 from eBay last summer and never looked back. After buying this, I sold my Novation SL25 MkII because it was made redundant - I can’t praise Maschine highly enough - it has literally changed how I go about writing music.

How do you use it in your workflow?

Vengeance’s samples are very nice. just look for the libraries for these names. there out there…

im pretty sure on ebay you could find a machine for cheap (maybe)

even so check out that library if u can find it.

I use Vengeance and Cluster sounds they are pretty amazing

i think many people over look the Zero-G collections but they are some really top notch samples imo