Good drum samples

so i want to buy some good quality drum samples to program beats,

but i think some sample cds are just sampled right from other peoples records,

sounds quality is not always great,

i have battery 3 but the sounds in there are not all good for dance music really,

i read synthetic drums is a good add on but i cant buy this anywhere

vengeance house i have but don’t use much,

We have been working on a massive collection of drum sample called Ultimate Drums.

We will be releasing packs for:


Progressive House

Main Room House

Dubstep/D&B/mombahcore etc.

Packs will contain mostly single drums and a few add on loops.

We are also building kits for drum racks and ultra beat which will include some midi files to get you started with some beats.

We initially planned to just do a few top notch drum sounds for each genre but we started to get totally obsessed with it and now it’s massive.

We spend a huge amount of time replicating sounds from different tracks and building kicks etc from scratch.

All sounds are totally original and not just sampled from tracks.

Stay tuned for more info!

in regard to hip hop, drum and bass and breakbeat needs , i can recommend to you Goldbaby’s Urban Cookbook Vol. 1 . I found it to be the best sample pack i’ve ever found in these genres . Also the layering tools are top notch.

I’ll look forward to the Drum Racks as I struggle to build good kits myself. I have saved the samples from the How To courses and made drums racks out of them which I use all the time.

i could share my perc racks if you guys want. 100% operator. Pretty proud of myself of the sound. I could share tracks if you want to hear them.

would be cool to listen but there are no tracks on the soundcloud account ?

the drum racks sounds interesting, and i would consider buying this with some good audio examples, i like battery but it seems quite slow to use really, fx are very good

but it seems quicker in abletons drum machines,

i do need a go to library, i just feel if you need to spend too much time getting the drums right maybe the samples are not that good to start with

any more info on dates price etc would be cool

many thanks

all perc on this track is made by me and it’s separated in a few drum racks. Bubbles recorded with laptop onboard mic :)) The thing is , why should I share unfinished work? I’m still looking for a vocalist

By the way it's [u]private on Souncloud[/u]. You can only listen it here