Good House bassline VSTS?


I can’t really afford Nexus and the VSTs i do have, their basslines seem to be too techy, trancy or hard dance sounding, I’m looking for good ones to use in House productions, what people like ATFC, Stonebridge, Paul Emanuel, etc are using.

(let me guess, they’re using Nexus right? :frowning: :frowning: )

Does anyone have any VST recommendations?

The thing i find with the likes of nexus, trilogy etc. is that they are good for handiness but theres nothing there i couldnt do with simpler and a few samples.

my advice would be to start a collection of bass samples from tracks you like, other synths or sample cds. thats all nexus really is… a collection of samples.

heres some free stuff i found: [url][/url]

I have found myself recently going back to using basic bass samples in Simpler or Sampler in Ableton, as Phil says for ease of use and lack of unnecessary complication and time wasting browsing through a million variations on the same thing.

I’ve just been learning the Live 7 using your tutorials and I see what you mean now with the Simpler, I really like how you can take a sample and still change its key. I don’t think i can do that in Cubase SX which may be why i got a bit confused.

The bass pack that you linked me too phil had a bunch of really good sounds but did you find that Cubase and Live 7 had problems when it came to playing them? They dont seem to appear as there is a problem with playing the sounds.

Not sure why, I’ve tried on both my PC and my mothers laptop and i still get the same issue.

Is there any website that you could recommend that supplies good sounds and loops etc that I could bookmark?

Maybe something like that would be a good service from your site?

Also just wanted to say that in the insiders videos some of the tutorials don’t come with the samples required to do the tutorial. I have been finding that now with the Live 7 tutorial.