Good place to get bass samples like those in the French House in Cubase series

I love the electric bass samples in the French House in Cubase tutorial. They’ve got a great pop and thickness and I find myself wanting to use them all the time, haha. Since I don’t actually want to use the same samples over and over, where can I find similar samples to this?

I’ve tried various funk and disco sample packs, but almost none of these have a bass with that pop. I suppose sampling single hits off of funk and disco records would be another option, though I can’t say I’ve ever heard this type of sound outside of “French Touch” style music.

Of course there’s probably a lot of processing to get the bass to sound like this, so maybe I should really be asking how to get a normal electric bass sample to sound like that.

(sorry if I’m being a bit vague, but I’m having a hard time describing the sound!)