Good places for samples

Where do you guy’s think are the best places to get samples. I am thinking more individual hits and sounds than loops.

I’ve been on the loopmasters site but I’m assuming by the name that if I bought one of their packs it would be mainly if not all loops. I wouldn’t mind paying if it was worth it, the Faze Action one for example would be right up my street. Has anybody else tried the loopmasters stuff?

Are there any good free resources for samples?

There is plenty free samples out ther my friend

I googled free one shot samples and got 14,700,000 hits

Also try

Most sample packs will come with loops and one shots. They usually mention in the description the numbrer off loops and hits.

Loopmasters sells loads of sample packs with hits in.

If you want a really good set of hits I think the Thomas Penton Vol 1 is the nuts.

Also take a look at sound to sample:

Here is the Thomas penton on Sound 2 sample:

I make my own! except for drums cause I’m lazy.

Thanks, looks like it has enough to last a lifetime!