Good Plug-ins for Progressive Sounds

Hey guys,

I have been using Sylenth for a year now, but I want some more plug-ins. What do you think are great plug-ins for that progressive sound that Avicii, Fedde, and others are using? I have been told Nexus, but I’m just curious on what all of you think!

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

I have Sylenth and Massive and find they’re rich enough for me. I used to want for more synths and plugs but have come to realize that it’s more about me and less about the specific tool.

Avicii works in FL, and yet he manages to produce some of the most polished music out there. Tools are much less important than the brain behind them.

Anyway, that’s my $0.02




u-he Software Synthesizers and Effects

Massive,V-station,D-cam synch squad.

Demo to see if you like it.


Have you tried the ANA demo?

Avicii and Fedde are not progressive house!!! I would call it more big room house or comercial :wink: