Good reverb plug in

I’ve got live 9 suite and have noticed the convolution verb is quite heavy on CPU. br
Anyone recommend a good plug in with lower CPU usage? I’m on Mac Intel btw :)br
Cheers Andybr

I like this one br
but it’s not free to get all the
I heard a lot of good stuff about this one though:br

I like PSP Easyverb A LOT!!!br
Also, I like Nomad Factory’s Liquid Verb and sometimes I use the Reverb in the effect plugin version of Absynth

Bricasti M impulse responses br
3k + reverb unit… ive tired them with LA Convolver and the sound
If your on PC reverberate LE is free and sounds good and will work with these.

cheers phil thats bang on :smiley:

thanks phil , didn’t know about that gem.

Many top producers love the Tal Reverb plug in (And it’s free)
Also check out the other plug ins (For free…some beauties!!!)

What are people’s opinions on the new Reverb in Live 9? br
I was considering purchasing something like Aether, but then if I can just upgrade to Live 9 for £100 and get a reverb that is just as good quality then why should I?

I’m using live 9 suite tbh I find lives reverb pretty crap sounding IMO, the Valhalla reverbs sound decent enough and they’re about £50 br

[quote][b]andybez (23/04/2013)the Valhalla reverbs sound decent enough and they’re about £50 br
I second this! its great value here. but its not 50£ its 50$ wich makes its cheaper :smiley:

In live 9s reverb experiment with the different quality settings in the drop down menu. In some cases I find the low quality to sound better than high and vice versa. Or other times medium is
I found Tal reverb to b a bit harsh sounding but that’s just my
Reverberate is nice! Think I got that with computer music mag.

Valhalla stuff is defo best bang for buck reverb… it sounds similar enough to the lexicon stuff for a fraction of the
All convolution reverbs do essentially the same thing so reverberate should be just as good as altiverb etc.

Phil (or anyone) do you have any go to irs that you use im trying to set up a template and want to have a cpl of verbs on the sends but whats a good start?

not really… im using less covolution stuff
i really like the valhalla vintage chamber on synths… and the plate or ambiance on drums.