Goodbye PC

… hello Mac. I just bought a powermac. Low spec one, nothing fancy, cost me about $100.

Time to become completley flumoxed by Logic then I guess!

Also I have no idea how to use the OS, which could suck too! I want a right mouse button!

get a mighty mouse and set it up like a pc mouse with left and right click doing what you want.

also how and where did you get a power mac for £100

over in NZ there’s a site called It’s like ebay. Got it off there as a massive fluke, the guy set his auction to end too late and I got it for $350, which is actually about 150pounds, I just worked it out now, got my maths a bit wrong. Still, not bad.

The only bummer is that it was the box only and didn’t come with a DVD drive, but I’ve got an external USB one I’m hoping will work.

I’m also no doubt going to find it fun to find a wireless card that’ll work with it.

is it intel or G5 chip set,

actually do you know the full spec???

Power Mac G5 (Mid 2003) | Low End Mac

Probably should have checked Logic will even run on it to be fair! oh well.

Haha, this damn OS is rather confusing! Where’s my start menu gone!

if you go to the top left had side of your screen and click on the apple then click about this mac it should tell you exactly what you have inside your system :slight_smile:

Mac 7.2

PowerPC 970 (2.2)



thats quite an old mac but should run logic 8, i used to run mine on a 1.4 imac with 512 ram.

what info you given me looks like you have os version 7 you really need to update to osx 10.4 i don’t think you can upgrade to 10.5 as i am sure this is for mac intel only (not 100% sure)

All good there, the mac OS is 10.1.3 I believe, which should be ok for Logic 8 (thats all I want, 9 is unnecessarry for me)

I’m going to stick 4gigs of ram in it, sling a bigger HD into it and I’ll be set.

Frigging noisy it is though. Might see if I can find a way to silent it a little.

What mac do you have?

seems to be one of the very early PowerMac G5’s to be fair even the cheapest mac mini will have over double the performance of your machine. still for that money its a good price

exatly, the price is what made me buy it, I didn’t even expect to win it at that ammount.

I only want to it to play with, if I end up loving logic and using it a whole heap I’ll buy a new, better one. One of those new intel jobs looks nice, pity they’re about 6k over here!

dude honestly you’ll not need one of those super macs.

i’ve got a mac mini with 2ghz due core and only 2 gig ram and ive never topped it out on a project yet, not even took it above 50%

you can get one for around $599

a imac 3.06 would future proof you for at least the next 5 years with power imo. personally its down to how you use the mac i guess. after all i know guys that still use a g3 400mhz machine to make music lol (alot better than me too)