Google tv

Hey guys,

How’s it goin?

Allot of you lads seem to be pretty tech/gadget savvy so I’m wonderin if any of ye know when google tv is being launched in the Uk and Ireland. And another thing I’m wondering is since Sony seem to have the rights to hardware end of things for a couple of months when it lands will it work on the playstation.( iv done a bit of research but only seem to find allot of “ifs and buts” and sadly no facts yet)

And if any of you guys in the states are already using google tv is it any good, from what iv read it seems perfect for me. I only watch tv shows that iv recorded while I’m working and what ever so unless it’s sport I never actually watch live tv so really if it’s as good as they make out I could cancel my tv service and save myself almost 60 bucks a month.