Got a label going

Hey guys and girls i know some of you on here make fidget and jackin stuff so i thought id let you know about the new label Young Nutz have set up


WoNKed Records - Remix EP out now on Beatport | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos

we are after originals and remixers so if you got something you want to submit check out the myspace and use the email to drop us some sounds

We want to push fresh talent and people who try new things so don’t be afraid if your stuff is a bit different :smiley:

it all gets heard and it all gets replied to

always nice to know, i’m sure if the quality of tracks released on the label are to the same level as the tracks i’ve heard from yourself the label will do really well.

Good stuff man;)


will send you a demo if i got my number finished.

hey wonk…are you taking tech house or electro? Im not making any of the fidget stuff, so I dont know if I would fit in.