Got kind of ripped up - second hand buy of Kick v1


my first post here. I’m a long time member on KVR where I bought a version of “Kick v1” from another KVR user.

Now, he only gave me his SA account’s data. I was able to log in and change the data to mine. BUT: then I got aware that this wouldn’t be the right way to transfer a license (since the plugin’s GUI states that it was licensed to him and not me). That’s not what the EULA intends to say.

So, I got back to him and reverted the data back to his own and he stated that he was able to log in again.

He told me then that Sonic Academy were about to implement a site on their homepage where license transfers could be done. He would so so. That was two or three weeks ago … and nothing came back. He doesn’t answer at all. NOTHING.

Do you guys from SA have a hint how to behave? I could head out his data in order to investigate what’s going on there. Or what else Could I do? I didn’t find a support email here at SA that I could contact.

Best regards


Hi Jens

Yes we are currently working on the license transfer system as this was impacted since the site change - it was due to be finished up last week but it has got delayed - work should finish on it in the next day or two and then the system will be operational.

I will send the necessary information to the user selling the key.

FYI you can contact us at

or here of course :slight_smile:

Thank you, Bryan.

That sounds good. Seems I can be a bit more confidential now. Anyway … I still can NOT understand why the seller doesn’t get back to me.

Any news on this one?


I’ve contacted every user that had requested the transfer, your seller should have got in touch by now

I heard nothing back so far.

De doesn’t answer me.

:astonished: sigh