Got something here y'all might like

Hi Friends,

I know I haven’t been diligent about using the forums, but I have learned so much and wanted to share the culmination of that knowledge with you through my first track. I hope you enjoy!

BTW, I would love to hear what you all think =)

Hey adam ,really like your track

the mix seems to be spoton man .

I like the whole flavour of the track  the only points i feel would make it better is that up to 1.30 track seems to not really go anywhere so maybe a bit of movement before this (mini breaks e.t.c)

also at 4.04 theres a rez type sound that i think is a bit too much if that was replaced with another sound ( a more spacey sound to fit )it would be a brilliant first effort man …apart from these small bits …its a Quality effort well done man!:slight_smile:

Ah, thank you sir, thank you! Just the kinda info I was looking for.:smiley: