Gradual Pitch of a Sample Loop

Hey guys,

I have a stab sample looping that I wanna gradually pitch up throughout the buildup, but I have 2 problems.

The first is that when I do it using the pitch bend envelope within sampler to accomplish this, it always restarts at the orignal pitch once it loops back, where I want it to keep rising and rising.

The second is that I cannot seem to find a “tempo lock” or something along those lines. Cause when the pitch gets higher, so does the frequency and therefore sampler speeds up the sample (which I don’t want)

Any help with either of the 2 issues would be hugely appreciated!

O, and another little question. Anyone know a good sample pack that has these kind of stab loops for house? The sample begins at 0:45. And thats the same idea I want to accomplish (a subtle and gradual pitch up to keep a “rising” feel)