Gremlin in my Midi Keyboard

Ive been noticing some weird stuff happening in Ableton Recently. filter cutoffs adjusting themselves, and other parameters randomly changing. i couldnt figure out why it was hapening until i unplugged my keyboard (Oxygen 49) at which point it stopped. is there a fault with the keyboard or is it possible that the usb lead needs changing?

i had the same issue once turned out i’d moved a knob and the track was set to record the oxygen has been pre mapped to a certain extent so when i was moved whatever i did by mistake it recorded the cut off(or whatever effect on the synth it was mapped to)automation to the clip envelope then it would just keep on playing it round easiest opton is just make sure the record button is not armed and if it happens again just delete the automation:)

or you could of just moved a pot thats pre mapped to the cut off not realising its premapped which would explain things changing???

thanks for the reply mate and sorry for the epic delay in my response! well thats what i was thinking. i figured i was recording the automation by mistake, but its certainly not that because ive opened new projects, and literally seen the mod wheel automate by itself without even touching the keyboard. its definitely a fault with the keyboard, so i have deactivated the modwheel now and im hoping that is the end of it, at least until i buy a new midi keyboard, then i can send this one out of the window where it belongs!