GRID for Kick 2 length overview

hi guys,

ive been working with Kick 1 & 2 for a while now, its a great plugin and its been used a LOT in EDM type productions and tutorials…love it!

So, my question is:

How can you clearly see a grid (like in LFO Tool, Volume Shaper etc) to fine tune the lenght of the kick?
I see the ms and time things, but it is not clear how this works.
The kick drawing never lines up with the time on the screen, i have no idea how to set this up so i dont need an external plugin to get this right.
Like this: Hard Driver Studio Sessions | #5 Making Kicks From Scratch - YouTube (at 19:30)

Any help please?

Is there, or can we have a clear grid like in Xfer LFO Tool? Where are the settings for the grid?

Thanks! w

KICK 2 envelope ( when placing nodes to shape your kick ) follows a logarithmic algorithm scale and not a linear one, this was chosen to allow more control to shape the kick, especially at the beginning of the kick sound. Using an external envelope shaper tool can be a good helper as well yes.

Maybe this video will help to see how to shape Kick 2 sounds with the plug-in Assimilating Kicks in Kick 2 with Phil Johnston

thanks for the link!!

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