Groovy, sinister yet hopeful track. What do you guys think?

Just finished working on this song, looking for some opinions.

No Limit by Masseve

I’m just getting started on the whole music production thing so don’t have much feedback to offer but it sounds great to me. Different style, don’t rely know how to define your genre haha.

Nice work.

Thanks man, all feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

No, problem, had fun listening to your stuff. You definitely have potential man. I recommend reading up on compression, it really helps with the drums.

Posted on your track and favourited!

AMAZING track!

Just felt the drums where a bit weak, the bassline definately drowned out the kick significantly.

Im really glad you liked it :). And yeah you are right, i struggled a bit eqin the bass and kick to sound good together. In the end we decided to leave it as it is and move on to the next project before growing a dislike against the track hehe

i like the atmosphere and the melodies! the only thing which came to my mind is about the drum-line: for my taste the reverb on it is a little bit too wet, but i guess it was a conscious mixing decision from you :cool:

Thanks for the comment dude :). I’m still working on finding a good balance between FX and actual samples.

Anyways, I appreciate your input.

On a side note, I really enjoy some of your works. I keep listening to that track “Time to take Off”. I’ve shown it to a couple of people, just gives out this awesome vibe and mood.

Very catchy.

Have to agree that the drums do get cut out a little too much.
Also, you could use a little bit more effects in the breakdown.

This song would be cool with some vox behind it.

Good work.

Have to agree with the majority on that kick being to week, but the rest is solid! Great bassline that growls in the mist :wink:

Nice job!

Thanks for all the input, it really helps :slight_smile: