Guitar Crack --radiohead creep

Hi everyone,

I’m intrigued about this guitar strum thing heard 3 times or so from 00:56 to 1:02 mark before they go into the main part –

[url=]Radiohead - Creep ‌‌ - Bohemia Afterdark - YouTube

we’ve all heard it elsewhere; I’m not a musician, never been one don’t know who to play anything but the computer – So to SA users and any one who plays guitar; what is something like that actually called? How is it done? How can I do it in ableton (with live’s native guitars?)?

As always, thanks very much for your help.

Not sure either, but I think he plays a chord that has no release at all. In other words he doesn’t let the strings vibrate too much. Or maybe there’s some kind of effect on the floor he’s using…

You could try the no release thing.

I think he uses his left hand to dampen the strings on his guitar as he is strumming and obviously lots of distortion.

Have you got Guitar rig?

Take a look at this and listen to the demos: 

Distant & vague memory from another life:

They used a Fender Telecaster (bright pick-ups) and had a really sh!tty small cheap amp, which they slit the speaker (maybe??) - &/or had the mic pressed right up to the speaker.

Think there was an overdrive & chorus in the chain??? Probably Marshall & EH Chorus. They were big into American Music, so they would have had those pedals at the time, being in the middle of grunge. Could have just been the amp rode to an inch of its life.

But thats from a very long time ago - its the stuff of legend & chinese whispers now.

Remember reading an old NME or Melody Maker or something - and they said it was a dirty horrible sound, make from driving everything to the hilt.

So nothing to do easily live?

[quote]daniaan (29/11/2011)[hr]So nothing to do easily live?[/quote]

I think you could get close using one of the guitar instrument racks and the amp effect and maybe the saturator, but I think it would take me a really long time of tweaking before I got anywhere near it.

Its basically a quick up down strum used in combination with muting the strings straight after. You want distortion on your amp and mabey a slight bit of delay/chorus. Im not sure how you would do it in Ableton but there are lotsa cool guitar synths and amp simulators. You want to play a powerchord as there known. Jamie will have to clarify this but a powerchord is a 5th right?

After you got the sound, try two chord very close and you could use the auto filter as well to try and add to the dampened sound.

But really mate, it might be better to just get a guitar and play it in yourself, you dont need to be Jimi Hendrix to play this…

Another great tool we have of course is the art of sampling :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah would definitely be much easier if you just get a guitar and do it yourself. Press lightly on the chord, dampening the sound and strum up and down with a lot of distortion. Making that sound in ableton might take you some time.

Is this of any use to you?

radiohead creep midi file - Google Search


Creep (Acoustic Version) - Radiohead | Heartwood Guitar

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@ jjdejong0 and mussi81 … I haven’t yet explored the solutions you mentioned but they seem bloody promising … for this and other wise so thanks!

and just so records are clear; i don’t do drugs, nor crack. I do my studies. especially meth.