Guitar Parts (Free!)

Hi There,

I have been playing guitar for 14 years now and have gigged and done the lot! I want to offer my services for free to anybody who has any projects that may need guitar licks/chords/solos adding too them.

If you would be interested then just get in touch through the forums here.

Here is a list of my gear;

Takamine EAN acoustic.

Fender '69 reissue Telecaster (with custom pickups).

Ibanez Artcore double-cutaway hollowbody.

Fender Jazz Bass.

Guitar Rig 3.

Fender Blues Deluxe Amp.

Various Pedals including a Keeley Modded Tubescreamer, and MXR Dynacomp and Vox Wah.

Line 6 POD XT Live.

Acoustic guitars can be recorded with a stereo pair of SE1a mics or an SE1a and Bluebird mics.

Amp will be recorded with a single SM57 (Old school!).

Let me know if you want any chops on your tracks!

John :w00t:

Cool! Would be nice to get some samples off ya! Could possibly use some acoustic licks for a deep house track or something. :slight_smile:

Woooooooooooooooooowowowowooooooooooooooo Woooooooooowowowowooooooooooo!!

Hi John,

I noticed you listed Fender Jazz Bass in your equipment list. Can u play bass ala Jamiroquai (or funk/disco for that matter). Pls. PM me, might need your service.

Btw, it’s very generous of you to offer your services for free. Thank you!



Just let me know what you want, any tunes you ant a similar feel? Any particular key?



Some epic guitar feedback would be great

Not messing on this - Can we have about 2 minutes of just plugged in, general crackle / lo - noise type hiss?

+1 for a bit of feedback. Some nice deep howls would be class.


I have made some feedback, scrapes, plugging in noises, playing with a pen over the pickups etc.

Anybody know where I can upload these for free for people to access?



Rapidshare, Sendspace or zshare

It’s all good, got them up on soundcloud for download for now,

Stream John Brindle music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

John :w00t:

Fair play John.

What are you using to record them with Mate? Just out of interest.

What type of music are you into / making? See you’re a Subscriber :slight_smile:

Thanks John your a star will download a bit later :slight_smile:

Hi John,

Check your email.:slight_smile:


The DI stuff is just straight into an M-Audio Firewire 410. I then use either Cubase 5 + guitar rig 3 or straight into Propellerheads Record software (which I love!).

I enjoy making ANY music. I am actually a Music Tech teacher in the north-west of England (Southport to be precise). The bands I have played in are generally soul/blues based though!

John :w00t:

Thanks for that John - Will DL later too :smiley: