Guitar synth sound

Hey guys, I want to remake this synth (is similar to a guitar), it starts at 1:00 with the refrain (perhaps is most recognizable at 4:45 when drums are absent)… Is it a sample or can I recreate it with a vst?

Its sounds like a guitar sample.

you could have a look at some red hot chilli peppers stuff to see if there are any clean guitar stabs.

obviously you would then have to get the sample cleared or replay it of you where releasing it commercially.

Ok, thanks a lot… Let me ask you one more thing: if I want to release a track with samples from another one or a remix, what must I do for the royalties and bureaucracy? I’m not very experienced… Sorry for my bad english :smiley:

Think that the label which is releasing it will sort things out.

Sometimes, when vinyl only, they will never clear a thing. The cost of using a lawyer to get the royalties never pays off for the original artist.

If the label is for instance Toolroom they will try to clear it first. If it won’t work (sometimes with vocals) they will just use some one else to sing it.

Just create good music and things will get sorted out.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: