so i’ve made a loop in guru and i want to export the midi the problem is when i export the midi it only includes the hits.

its doesn’t export with the same groove or the repeats or anything that i have shifted back or forth.

anyone help with this

does d ramirez not mention this on his FM vids?

not sure i’ll see if i can find the disk


no its not on there, there is a section where he talks about guru but nothing to do with exporting the midi

From their website:


What file formats can GURU export? [top]

GURU can export MIDI clips (by dragging the Pattern Memory pads to your host or to Finder / Explorer), and WAV loops and one-shots via the Audio Exporter.[/quote]

its on part 3. he exports the midi to his host.

thanks yeah thats how i’ve been doing it but it only shows the midi and doesn’t have the repeats where the repeats would be is just one midi note so when i load another instrument it just plays the one note and not the repeated effect.

never mind i’ll have to work the other way round and bounce the notes of my lead down load them into guru and rerecord the repeat section with a sampled lead