Guy J - Faces (Marc Atkins Remix)

Feedback would be great…

Question I asked myself was… Is it different enough from the original… I put plenty into it… but the question remains!

Anyway I’d like to thank Guy J for releasing his ep with track stems to give everyone the opportunity to mess with his work! :smiley:

Get a copy of the E.P. with the remix stems here;

Nice mix, sounds very good and clean. I really like the groove of the track, but find it gets a bit repetitive. But then again this isn’t my genre of music so I’m no expert to comment.

Like it as well, although you could have added a bit more variation in the hats section. Adding a few different kinds of hats and having some 4 different clips that you
Atmosphere is sweet!

Cheers guys I guess I could have added some more variation but if you listen to the original… (though I was not necessarily trying to replicate) it is pretty straight forward too…