Haha, some people!

So I got a comment a few hours ago on a track of mine on Soundcloud saying

“Booooooom! this is big bro !! check some of my vibes i think you wil be interested!!”

So went to the guys page an looked at his comments and saw he was posting this on every track he could find. Sad fck.

Come back just now an seen that he’s still doing it. Looked back through his comments and he’s been at it for the last 8 hours! wtf? Get a f
cing life mate.

If anyone wanted to know how to get a sh*t load of meaningless comments on your tracks and waste 8 hours of your life, now you know.

Can’t believe hes still going haha

hahaha what a noob . just ignore it dude . they usually dont get far away with that attitude .

I had this one

“nice! check out some of my stuff when you get the chance :slight_smile:


there’s page after page after page on his comments section with that identical message to others.

Its all about marketing and sales for some people

I don’t even bother listening - I just mute instantly

[quote]gavisthename (12/05/2011)[hr]Its all about marketing and sales for some people[/quote]

definitely bro . I agree working on marketing is a good way of expanding your horizons.

but for people who just try to spam the *** out your email, Forums ETC. end up just being blocked or like in this case, just being taken as a joke.

usually Facebook and other social Medias are good for this kind of spam because ifhis Music is good and his friends tolerate it . then people can notice

Someone sent me a track just the other day that was shared with 21000 people how the hell do they do that. I will only share to my followers now, not spamming anymore

That dude will end up getting signed though…