HALLOWEEN remix - needs a lot of work

I whipped this out in like 2 hours which is very quick for me… i usually take a long time to finish a song, so I am a little bit embarrased by it, but I got it to a DJ friend since he was hosting some school event. I would not consider it a serious production at all, but I think it is a good opportunity to ask you how to better it.

I can already hear a few things wrong with it (the ending is given) and the mix is horrible because it sounded like **** on speakers. But just to learn, what do you think I need to change (and if its a techy subject, how do I do it)?


Warlockandwitches by taylorgittin

I like the sound of it! Personally I think the parts from 0:46-1:11~ and from 1:46-before the end, is the stuff you should base the song on.

As you say it would sound alot better with a little work on the transition between the parts. About the transition part, that’s a big part of the essence of the song so I can’t really tell what to do other than try to find similar songs and get ideas from there, maybe check a few tutorials here and find something interesting.

I could think of a simple transition to start with and work from. That is just to use a one/two-bar-riser with 4/8 kick hits and then on to the next part of the song. It’s very very unsophisticated but I find the impact interesting enough anyway :slight_smile:

And as a last note, it’s amazing that you did this in just 2 hrs, I wish I could make tracks that fast!

anyone have any ideas for improving the song, mix, and transitioning?