Hard House Track Feedback or Viewing

Hey all! Love this site! I recently had my 3rd EP signed to Pink Unicorn Records and would love some feedback from you guys. It’s Hard House, and I’ve found this site very helpful for sample packs and tutorials. Some cheaper Hard House tutorials would be good haha
also can anybody recommend any good forums or groups for you to post your song to get people to listen to it, or share it out? boost the exposure etc.

Thanks, Conor
Northern Ireland

Not much to say on that one TBH, it fits the genre and it’s well mixed, but it feels more like a teaser and promotional thing TBH, it’s too short and we don’t get to listen to the full track in the end :blush:

There are some Facebook groups that just do that for feedback I believe, you may find many platforms and websitesoffering feedback as well, but many of them are paid services.

Feedback here is based on free will from other community members, so it’s not always granted to get a reply, but I would suggest to at least post a full track and highlight what exactly you would like to hear form others : is it about the arrangement, mixing, a specific section…etc.

Soundcloud links or other audio services is also a good habit, a video is always taking more attention on top of the audio, so that’s not the best format for track feedback IMO.

Cheers !