(Hard) Techno (my 234592. Track)

234592 At least it feels like it. Long time no see. How far away is it from professional productions?
Every critic and improvement proposal is desired! :slight_smile:

to dry, mixing wise?

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So kitschig is dit doch janich. Expected a cheesy pad/string/choir chord progression with that name.

Even without the cheese, nicely done. I’d say there could be something stronger on the offbeats. And the open hat feels too sharp. Recently I stumbled across a plugin, Inphonik RX950, which could be something for you. Emulates the AD/DA converter of the Akai S950 sampler, kind of bitcrusher (fixed to 12 bit), saturation, filter effect and nicely takes the edge of single drum tracks.

“could be something stronger on the offbeats” yes I know what you mean. I will consider it.
Well, I don’t know how the Akai S950 Sampler sounds but i am already thinking of buying the Saturn 2 from Fabfilter. So it is on my agenda. I will definitely listen to Demos mixed with Inphonik RX950. Maybe thats an (kind of) alternative

So thanks for your comment!

Not really an alternative to Saturn. What I like about the plugin, at least the day I bought it and put it on a bunch of 909 samples - it just sounded so 90s Berlin/Brandenburg bunker techno. Very specific sound, not good for many things, but for that sound. Thought I’d recommend it, since the songs I’ve heard so far remind me a bit of the bunker days.

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Sorry, checking this one very late here :blush:

I’ll be honest, it’s not my “cup of tea” sound and genre wise but it fits this genre and I think it’s pretty well mixed.

Not sure if the track is missing something on the offbeats, Hard Techno is rather often minimal with and heavily focusing on the kick and bass, which is definitely working here. But again, not my best field of expertise I would say… Times I would have hang on to rave parties and abuse some “feel the vibe” products are now sweet memories… LOL.

Next to the saturation and bit crusher topic here, check Tritik Krush ( free ) and Krush Pro as well as this overlooked secret weapon ( but you need a rather good CPU and don’t want to abuse of this thing and stick it on every track ) but set your levels down, get to a “clarity” mix and put this on your master bus then : Voxengo OVC-128

Cheers !

Better late than never. Thats also counting for my reply :wink:
Yes, i have added something on the offbeat. I will also have a look on your other recommendations about the saturation.
As you know, I always appreciate your critics.
So…thanks :slight_smile:

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