Hardcore sample packs?

Hey guys

been a long time since i’ve been on, loving the new site too!

Was wondering if anyone can recommend any good hardcore sample packs and what sites sell them? Anything i have found is the stereotype hardcore, i.e. distorted bassy kicks etc sounds more like gabba and the like!

and also can anyone recommend good sample sellers in general, mainly for kicks, bass and loops to go with them. I’ve got some vengenace essential club sounds stuff but after a while it all sounds the same (even thought they are different) Just feel like i’d benefit from having different manufactured samples.


hey matt hows it going


not my bag but this is supposed to be a cool sample pack !:slight_smile:

welcome back matt

nice one egg, listened to the demos and sounds pretty damn sweet! at least it comes from the pros on the scene - always a good thing!

not quite hardcore but this may have some of what you like

hey jon thanks. hope you’re well. have heard quite a bit of the tidy pack recently, it’s on my list for future not sure i can justify it right now though :frowning: