I would really love to see a logic uk hardcore or freeform tutorial, i can post examples of good hardcore rather than the cheesy bollocks everyone thinks it is, posted a while back and i would really really love it

sorry i tried to post this as a reply in the “im the new sonic logic guy” and posted it as a new topic by accident

Don’t worry, that Logic guy thread was an old one dug up for some reason.

I’d love some UK hardcore, if it’s actually hardcore (and not Darren Styles/Hixxy) etc. Something with balls.

That or an all out Hardstyle tut. Something that really whacks.

yeah hardstyle would be great if it was the early stuff with the phwoooompyyy reverse bassline rather than this gabber for girls thats about now adays

Yeaaaa Hardcore You Know the Score :smiley:

+1 for Phil in a Hardcore Vid

when i say uk hardcore i mean stuff of this calibre, not breeze and styles

CLSM-Move On (Jon Doe Rmx)- Version 1 - YouTube

Darwin - Connected - YouTube

Michael Mansion - Let Me In (Darwin Remix) - YouTube

CLSM - Pressure Rush - YouTube

go on sonic academy, please show us!! obviously theres non vocal stuff too like…

- YouTube (QUALITY Tune)

dj entity- spice - YouTube

Aaaaaaawwwww i really like breeze and styles :frowning: