Hardgroove/old school Techno Tutorial

i prefer new stuff like ELECTRIC DELUXE or CLR… but something like Ben Sims style will be very interesting !!

Marco Carola, Cisco Ferreira - End of Chapter:

Marco Carola & Cicso Ferreira - End of chapter - YouTube

Mark Broom - Things

Mark Broom - Things - YouTube

Mark Broom - The Jacking Zone

Mark Broom - The Jacking Zone (Original Mix) - YouTube

x100 - Sonic Destroyer

- YouTube

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Techno.Techno.Techno.Techno - Theres no limits (apart from no tut)


probably pointless but +1

Probably pointless - LOL

[quote]wouterdewitte (10/11/2011)[hr]probably pointless but +1



[quote]Mussi81 (10/11/2011)[hr][quote]wouterdewitte (10/11/2011)[hr]probably pointless but +1



  • 2 (saves me asking for a techno tut the next time it comes round )

Oh Lawd more Techno requests???    

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Marco carola 7th question