Hardgroove techno

Hi guys!

I’m a huge hardgroove techno fan and I’ve been trying to do something like this: listen especially those drums and bassline.

David Moleon - 2012 (Original Mix) HD - YouTube

Especially how do I do a pumping beat/bassline like that? I have watched different kind of tutorials but this bassline thing doesn’t seems to open me at all. Maybe my problem is that i don’t know how to fit/EQ kick and bassline together or i use wrong kind of kick, i don’t know :doze:

Can you guys give me some tips for equing my kick and bassline? What do I need to those kind of drums? (OH or CH, snare or clap, ride?) and these all have to be in same key? for example G#?

Thanks. Hope you guys understand what i mean :slight_smile: