Hardstyle / NuStyle - Kicks and Bass


i am trying to make kicks like Noisecontrollers or similar ones.

i know the basic technic to make hs kicks but i dont get this sound.

thanks for help,

p.s. please excuse my bad english :wink:

gear i use:

ableton 8 suite

some plugins ( sylenth1, Ohmicide, microtonic,tone2 filter bank3, camel fat, etc)

access virus ti2

mac pro, TC studioKonnekt48 I/O FW interface

To get that sort of kick you use the same technique that you would use for a normal kick. But instead of using a sine wave use a square wave. Then put it through a distortion effect.

thx, i know that. my problem is to get that deep dirty ruff sound.

i think that i miss something in the way i use eq, distortion, comp…

usually i use 3 layer for it.

hit/tok kick

punch kick

distorted kick/bass

i found that it u put a normal kick in Impulse and put the decay up full and raise the volume of the kick in impulse u get a gabber type kick then eq up the bass… then seperate your kick to an audio file and decrease the volume that way…