Hardtrance bassline & acid sound

heya wats da crack just wonderin does anyone know how to create a hardtrance bassline and acid lead using ableton live.any help would be great.


Interesting question, I also would like to see how this is done… Love me acid and love me hard trance :slight_smile:

I find hard trance basses I hear generally use a simple 8th note on the offbeat. A lot of producers seem to be ducking their basses more blatantly as well. Running basslines with 16th notes can work nicely, but your kick must remain dominant. The bass is there for glue - the power comes from your kick (and abuse of hoovers!).

As for the acid sound, here’s a pretty complete run through for Operator.


The secret of the ‘acid sound’ isn’t really the 303’s analog synth but the sequencer. It’s the way you sequence the glides and accents which gives it the proper acid sound. You could always go download Rebirth as well, which is a decent (and classic) virtual 303:


I don’t listen to much hard trance these days, so my apologies if my details are a bit dated.

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