Hardware setup

Hey guys, wondering if someone here who is good with hardware can give me some guidance.
I just recently bought my first synth (korg minilogue) and I’m feeling like a rookie trying to work out how to connect it with the rest of my gear. I have a mpk mini and a push, and was wondering what the best way to wire all these together would be? Ideally I want a set up where I can record sounds off the korg directly into clips on the push, and have a production set up that is more live orientated.
Secondly, I have been waiting for this synth to arrive before I buy an audio interface- Can someone recommend one suitable given the equipment I have? I’ve been told that if you go too cheap you may have latency issues when recording stuff live from a synth?
Your help is appreciated!

I imagine you will need to send your Korg back to your sound card inputs to record into your DAW and capture on your input channels.

Your push would just be sat as a MIDI controller essentially still connected via USB.
So you record your “Clips” direct to your DAW and you trigger them with your PUSH controller.

We use the UAD audio interfaces here which is reliable stuff!