Hardware synthesizer

Hey, am thinking about buying my first hardware synth so i can learn on it and be a bit more hands on, have noticed ones without keybaords are cheaper and have different variation, can u hook this up via midi so that my usb keyboard a novation nocturn 49 can be the controller ie the keys? if so and how thanks, btw am us logic 9. Cheers for any help!

yes sir, you need to hook it up via midi to your audio interface. those without a keyboard (aka rack mount) can only be triggered via midi or cv. so make sure your audio intervace has midi in and out to support it, and you should be good to go. read the manual to your audio interface to double check the compatibility.

What kind of synth you thinkin? A virus? mmmmm Tasty!

oh not to sure man, Trade Me is really the only local website i can get from second hand, i earn really little so its guna take a little bit of time to save up for one, just would really like a piece of hard ware that i can learn on, since its really hard to learn how a synth really works with a mouse lol :slight_smile:

check out eBay dude. Personally, I would suggest getting a Roland Juno 106. Great to learn on and sounds absolutely AMAZING.

And you can get them pretty cheap too.