Harmony and Chords

recently created a track and put some orchestral bits on it… it took AGES to work out how to get them sounding good. I had to trial and error up and down the musical scale. It got me wondering about harmonies and if there’s any rules to notes that sound good together. For example if you play a middle C, E and a G together they sound great, CEF however sounds crap. Where can I learn about how notes go together (I’m thinking of taking piano lessons).

It’s a bit of a cringeworthy question as I’m sure it’s music basics :slight_smile:

i dont have much music knoweledge but a CEG thats a C major chord i know to figure out major chords you count up 4 semi tones from the C (hence the E) and then 7 semitones from the C (hence G) so a Emajor will be E,Ab,B. and for minor chords insted of counting 4 semitones form the C say you count 3 semitones hence C,Eb,G C minor chord, hope this is right dont know much abt music but im pretty sure about this.

cheers david

hey m8 try


or youtube  and search for lypur

pretty cool stuff

hey m8 try get piano lessons .com or if you have a spare couple of days try lypur theyre free piano lessons pretty cool stuff !:slight_smile:

Stick to the white keys!!!

Learning to play an instrument is one of the most important things in music making…

being able to sit down at a keyboard or guitar and play a few tunes is also extreemly rewarding.

Im by no means a good keyboard player but i have a good grasp of basic chords.

cant read music at all.

I learnt the most by trying to figure out other songs chord structures.

Thanks for all the pointers guys, I think I might look into some lessons as I’ve not got a full sized keyboard.

if you want to learn to play piano and read music check this site out www.emediamusic.com i got the emedia piano and keyboard method, its pretty cool if you have a midi keyboard pluged into your comp you play to what they teach you and the program picks up all your mistakes, i learned heaps using it.

Thanks David, I’ll definitley check that out. Pointing out the mistakes sounds pretty damned cool if you ask me.

yeah and your learning in the comfort of your own home and your not spending

big bucks on piano lesson, i think it is a excelent program to learn how to read

and play music.