Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Zilvr's Electron Slicer Remix)

Hey guys I hope youre doing great!

If you could have a listen to this Remix I made and let me know any mastering or mixing things you would do to this mix to make it better thatd be such a huge help!

Id really appreciate your feedback.

Let me know if I can critique your productions too!

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Hi Nathan!

Loving the percussion and the overall vibe. I’m not too familiar with the arrangement of this genre but it sounds fine to me.
Just some other things that I noticed right off the bat, the vocals is sitting too far in the mix and is a little bit muddy. The bassline sounds too forward in the mix and is muddying up the guitar. The guitar riff could use a little bit more clarity. I wish the kick was a little bit punchier as well.


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Yeah, pretty much agree with @lc2887 comments here, mixing issues in terms of volume and clarity.

Won’t dive too much in-depth since it’s a remix, much more interesting to listen & try to give feedback on original tracks, also “subscribe/follow” comments feels a bit more like promoting your YT channel than requesting track feedback :wink: : people will do that if they like your music :smile:

There are some nice ideas but overall it doesn’t really work for me. From around 00:45 it feels too much like a dj set in the middle of transitioning from one song to the other without them really working together to create one new sound.

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