Has the Site Producerbox stolen your Template? (Psy-Trance with Shadow Chronicles)


I’m a bit confused as I see this template at producerbox.com https://producerbox.com/items/4851/progressive-psytrance-ableton-live-project-vol-2-shadow-chronicles

This is the great “Psy-Trance with Shadow Chronicles”.

I think they have recreated it in Ableton. The original is in Cubase. And they sell it for 20€. And if you wish a full license for 1000 € they say it is exclusive to you with all the right. I can not imagine that’s right!!

This sounds like warez.

I like Sonic Academy so much for the content and quality. Hopefully Sonic Academy can check this and remove it producerbox, if it is warez.

If all is right, than all is ok and have a nice day. But I can’t believe it.


Hi there @Maicel

Thank you for pointing this out, very pleased to see community members being concerned with that, appreciated :slight_smile:

OK, after a quick “investigation” let’s not freak out like crazy. First of all, nothing to do with “warez” here, the site ProducerBox is legit. You can check this page About ProducerBox | ProducerBox for the basic concept & description and also find more info on this one : Terms and Conditions | ProducerBox where it refers to a ProducingTools Ltd company name.

Now when you search a bit further about this company name, the funny thing is that you will find other websites like https://nextproducers.com/content/3-terms or https://ghostproducingstudio.com/terms/ and maybe others.

ProducingTools Ltd seems to refer to a company name based in BVI territory ( British Virgin Islands ), they are not B2B business, it’s a web based company that seems to have developed several sites following the Market Place concept.

Haven’t look further for company registration details but they look ok like many online business.

Now back to this track you found : the principle of such Web Market Place is that they have authors who registered and apply by them to provide & sell content. Those authors have to follow rules in order to make sure that the content they sell via their website is 100% Royalty Free & Legit. In this case the author is referred as MarkEworth MarkEworth | ProducerBox

If it’s a 100% track recreation from scratch in Ableton Live, it’s legit in terms of original content, but still there’s the problem of plagiary, imitation etc… Then it falls back to the original track rights from the artist, so in this case I think it’s more up to @Protoculture to have a look at it and to decide if he wants to take action. They provide information about this here : I found a file(s) on your website which violate my author rights. What should I do?

So also informing @chris_agnelli from Sonic Academy staff here about this, but I really do think that it’s more up to Nate to check this out, IMO S.A doesn’t hold rights on this track.

Finding such sites with full templates which are almost “copy-cats” of artist’s tracks is very common and has become a business, but when they tell you that you can have a full license to make this track yours and use it commercially it’s another step, most like the ghost writing business, but again it can be legit too.

Welcome to the Web & 21th century people… :wink:

Thanks again for your concern ! Hope those explanations can help, let’s see what Nate thinks about it.

thank you for bringing this to our attention @Maicel Investigating this now

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@Maicel & @chris_agnelli

Hey guys, look like that they took it down following Chris request, the link is dead now :clap: :slight_smile: