Have to make 20 min. Set to win a residency, advice wanted!

Hello thought id ask here since im a subscriber, never know :slight_smile:

So ive been djing with controllers for 8-9 months before that on turntables on and off for the last 8 years or so, though last two years hardly touched turntables due to circumstance and done producing mainly. I’m running Traktor on windows with the faderfox dj3 and the denon dnsc2000. I’ve got lemur on iPad but not had much luck with the templates for traktor but going to look into it for easier control of 3 decks. I have 9 days to make a set for this bar/club.

Thing is I’m in Vietnam and its a new bar/club and there’s going to be another ten djs trying for the residency. I’ve never played in public but am pretty confident, especially after seeing a few djs at a bar here, they were terrible, terrible music bad mixing but then terrible dance music seems to be popular here though the djs were stunning woman, I’m a handsome man, apparantly, didn’t realise it till I got here, in the uk I was actually pretty ugly but now that’s all behind me haha

I met the manager yesterday and he said play your favourite music because they may want something different so just play what you want, thing is I don’t think they would appreciate my favourite breakcore and electronica. So I’ve been thinking of starting with hip hop then breaks then drum and bass, I tried going from hip hop to breaks to house to techno to drum and bass to jungle but seemed a bit messy. Though only tried it a few times tonight, maybe it could work. I like lots of music and have lots of music mainly house techno and drum and bass so that’s why I’m thinking of trying to play that and maybe one breakcore track to really scare them off! just 20 mins isn’t long.

EDIT: completely forgot the manager of the bar said I need to use his mixer, thing is I just plan on plugging the soundcard into his mixer, unless his mixer has midi to control traktor, I dont know?? See he doesnt speak english and my girlfriend was interpretting for me lol

Any advice ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated here’s a link to my sets I’ve made, I’m going to put some of them on cd and maybe make a few more before then and take them with me, cheers Mixcloud