Having a problem with installing hybrid3, can anyone help

Hi Can anyone please help me, I bought from plugin boutique 3 AIR music programs, collective fx’s, the riser and hybrid3. the riser and collective fx installed no problem. The hybrid3 hasnt, Ive put my verification number in and the licence was saved in ilok licence manager, the DLL file is where all my other plugins are but for some reason hybrid 3 doesnt show in Ableton. Ive no clue how to sort it and neither does plugin boutique now they have my money, i emailed AIR and they havnt even bothered to respond. is there some tech genius out there that can help. Im gutted and I only bought the package for hybrid 3 in the first place.

I think your problem is that you put the license in the ilok license manager. I don’t have the plugin but on the product page
it says ilok not required


can you post screenshots of what you’re doing? i’m prety good at this stuff so i can probably figure it out

bit strange that Plugin Boutique are ghosting you seeing as that is where you have bought it from.

Sounds like the DLL is either not in the right folder location / Ableton hasn’t scanned the new plugin list / or the dll is not the correct bit version (32 / 64 bit) for your DAW.

Hi Bryan,
Sorry for the delayed message back, I read your comment used your advice, it was exactly that, I had the wrong bit version in the wrong folder. I was so geedy i forgot to say thanks and have only just remembered, haha. thanks again

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