Headphone and Audio Interface

I am planning to buy Sennheiser HD650 for producing as my room is not very well for monitors, thin walls/apartment complex etc.

I will also upgrade my ****ty audio interface as well so I was thinking to buy NI Komplete Audio 6, but after doing some research. I found that I would need a better headphone amp to drive HD650’ because the one inside the Audio6 wouldn’t be enough?

Any suggestions on this, tips etc?

I use a pair of Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro’s…which are highly regarded like the Sennheiser’s, but a about $140 cheaper on Amazon ($280 vs $420). Anyway, I am able to drive them no problem using my ****ty interface (Fast Track Pro). I have to set the volume higher than with my previous cans, but since I just use them for mixing (i.e. not for tracking loud guitars/drums), it’s never an issue. That said, it’s not an exact comparison because mine are 250ohms whereas the Senns are 300…but I doubt it’d be a material difference.

Just my $0.02.

I power my HD600s through a Focusrite Pro 24… they dont go as loud as my HD280s but are loud enough that i never need to turn it right up.