Heads up free samples

Hey guys just got emailed by sounds to sample who provided this link of 250mb of free samples, they sound alright but could make a nice addition to someone short on change or someone who’s building their sample library

Sounds/To/Sample > The definitive download resource for music makers

cheers for heads up tommy!:slight_smile:

Also check out my logon count now !lol :slight_smile:

thats funny

Sweet cheers Tommy, my windows desktop is now full of zip folders! :smiley: :cool:

Nice one!!!:slight_smile:

Thank you, this is really appreciated. Until a few weeks ago, i was using midi instruments for everything and therefore my samples library is not very big…

If anybody knows where we can download more free samples, keep us updated ! :slight_smile:

Hi all, brand new here, subscribed yesterday and all this looks great!

glad i could help some of you out, theres a lot of times i want to get new samples but dont have the money to get a good sample pack so i know the feeling

i also think if you go to prime loops and register they give you some free samples also.