Hello and a setup question

Hi there-my name’s Rosko-I’m a NYC based DJ and sometimes “producer”(ie:i’ve not a clue-but lots of ideas) I’m trying to get myself set up with a solid digital production “suite” if you will-my plan is to start with the following and I could use some help as to what else I may need. This is a big investment and I’m trying to keep cost down-but I need samples and patches and the sylenth seems to be too much(looking into the korg $50 vst’s) as well as kick drums etc-I’m wondering what comes with Ableton Live in the way of kicks/drums etc(actual wav/aiff’s not the session drums) versus what comes w Logic Express (and can I get away with using Logic Express or should I go Pro) I’m aiming to make stuff like John Digweed’s Bedrock label(tech house/deep house/trancier stuff as well) my soundcloud for your listening pleasure and to give you all perspective before helping me out is: Stream DJ Rosko music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud that should give you an idea of what sound I’m going for…

My main interests are DJ’ing with Traktor Pro 2(currently on the PC with Traktor 3.4 I know it’s OLD but it works for me!) Producing either w Ableton Live or Suite and or Logic Express or Pro

My potential setup(to be purchased in December)

Macbook Pro 2.0Ghz quad core i7

4GB RAM (or should I get 8GB??)

Hi-Res Screen

750GB HDD(or should I get the 500GB @ 7200?? I figure I’ll need the space right??)

Logic Express(or do I need pro??)

Traktor Pro 2

Ableton Live (or Suite??)

So-with that being said, what do you guys think i NEED as far as software and hardware goes?? I’m trying to keep it from going insane expensive(the MacBook is almost $3 g’s anyways) but I do want to make this investment into my musical career.

Sorry for the long post-but these questions keep me up at night checking the interest on my savings account!!

Thanks so much.

DJ Rosko

I’ve got Live 8 and an iMac, but also use it on my Macbook Pro

You will be able to get some good sounds with that set up