Hello, just signed up for subscription. I have a basic knowledge of production and am looking for the next step. I am using ableton 7 however I was thinking of switching to logic 9 as an education version can be got for like £115, whats everyone’s thoughts on this?

Also im going to be using a macbook to make music in the future anyone else use one of these, is the screen size a big issue for ya?

Do a bit of DJing aswell mostly commercial and rnb/hiphop these days tho im into house music baby :smiley:

If you are a Student - EDU versions are fine.

I wouldnt be buying one if you’re not Mate.

They might be cheap… but you’ll run into trouble if you are not actually a student.

Theres usually different conditions on upgrading to the next version if you are on EDU… But I think with Ableton dont mind as long as you pay the upgrade fee in full. Other companies are stricter.

Also - You can only sell an EDU version to someone else who is a Student. 

Ableton Site Info:

This is how Ableton educational discounts work:

  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Buy your Ableton product at the discounted price from your local music store or the Ableton webshop
  3. Verify your educational status (to show us that you really are a student or teacher)
  4. Install and authorize your Ableton product

Please note: The software won’t run properly until you’ve verified your educational status. If you can’t wait for the verification process to run its course, use the free <A onclick=“pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/www.ableton.com/downloads’);” href=“Log in or create an account | Ableton”>14-day license to make music while we verify. Verification normally takes just one to two days.

If you intend on playing out live on your MacBook (tear), I would stick with Live. Ultimately, you should use a DAW that you enjoy using to make music. It should be fun to you. I have used both Logic and Ableton. When I was using Logic, I got so frustrated I took a hiatus from producing for about 6 months b/c of the frustration. I was introduced to live about 5 or 6 months ago and I love using it. I find it intuitive and fun and it makes the workflow very fun…until someone jacked my sh*t. Thats besides the point though.

Bottom line, choose a DAW that you have fun using. Try to get a copy or use a friends copy of Logic before you buy.

yeah totally agree with howie, i really hit a wall with logic, although its still imo the best package around its nowhere near the fun of live and fun is what makes tracks easier to get finished.