Hi to everyone

I have just turned 50 and have decided to try to learn to make my own music. My interests are Dance, Trance and Techno… but you can pretty much say i enjoy most music. I have tried to make my own music in the past (it wasnt good), but hopefully with the help of SA i will learn.

Any input will be much appreciated :smiley:

I think its awesome that you have made that decision. Better late than never right? Coming to the forums to introduce yourself is a great start my man.

My piece of advice to you is this: Devour all the information that you can (books, blogs, videos, magazines and forums), and practice, practice, practice.

Making music is such an extensive and subjective subject, but in the end its a reward to the soul. Even better, once you get good at it you make the music that YOU want to hear and exactly how YOU want it to sound.

Wish you luck starting this never ending journey.

Good for you you’ve decided to make music once more. That’s the attitude.

Feel free to ask questions on this matter :slight_smile:

welcome, I thought 30 was late in coming in but good on you, you will defo learn alot on this site. Stick with it, I have learned heaps just by doing the tutorials and advice from members too.


Thank you for your encouragement, i hope that one day i can produce a tune as moving as those on your link.



I have started to work on some of my own ideas while completing the SA tutorials and a question i have is how do you decide when to drop in (or out) a section such as Bass, Drums, Pad etc. Is it an as-the-mood-takes-you kind of thing or is there a pattern?


Thank you, but there could well be many questions :slight_smile:

Thank you also, its so cool to find people who want to pass on a welcome and some advice.