Help Ableton project file does not open

Hi guys.

Wondering if anyone can help me.

had been mastering a weeks work, finalising bits and pieces. Then suddenly, ableton 8.1 crashed and the warning “to reopen file” popped up. Tried reopening but not working. When it crashed CPU was running about 35-40%. Had lot of instruments and plugins playing. File wont re-open again. Any ideas how to get the file working again.

working on a mac book pro 2.4 ghz dual core, 4 gb ram. Totals number of tracks were 25.

Several sylenth tracks and simpler instruments.

Drums were laid out on impulse, separate track for each sound.

Had four built in ableton effects running on returns.

There must be a way of recovering it rather than spending a week trying to recreate it again.

Help Help Help.

Did you contact Ableton? Maybe you can send your project to them so they can fix the project for you.

Also…backup backup backup backup…learned the hard way myself years ago…not making that mistake anymore. If you are on a Mac, Time Machine is your friend. Buy a cheap external drive and have it do it’s magic.

The only time I’ve gotten a crash like that is when I forgot my eLicenser USB dongle and had Nexus2 on one of the tracks.

Do you have Nexus2 or any demo versions of VST plug-in (like Rob Papen synths or Reverb)?

Not sure what OS you’re using but I had a problem with Live crashing/not opening tracks in xp and it was ram related. Solved by adding the /3GB switch…do a search on google, easy to set up and I’ve not had any problems since.

It happened to me like a month ago because I had a cracked plugin that realized it was cracked on 1 of the channels in my project. I had to remove it, but it actually still corrupted the project.

Try restarting your computer first. If that doesnt work check to make sure you don’t have cracked plugins on anything. If you don’t and the problem still occurs after you restart your computer and remove any weird plugins you might have to send the project to ableton to have them fix the file.