HELP**ANA/SYLENTH not on logic pro X

Hey can any1 help just downloaded logic pro x and my ana synth and sylenth wont let me use them! it says “Choose another plug-in, or quit logic and install the plug in on your computer in order to use it in the project” i have it installed ,it works on logic 9, how do i get it to X?? Thanks

I might be wrong and someone else might be able to help you better as i don’t actually use Logic, but from what i have heard, i think this is because Logic X is 64-bit, and the version of ANA that you have, along with Sylenth, is not 64-bit
From what i’ve heard, i think it’s very easy to simply upgrade ANA to the newer version which is 64-bit compatible and it will work fine. Sylenth is a different story though - i don’t think you can currently use it in Logic X!br
I think that the only thing you might be able to do though for Sylenth, is get a third-party bit of software that allows you to use 32-bit plug-ins in a 64-bit DAW. Although i might have imagined this!br
I’m sure someone else who has encountered the same problem will add further comment soon though- in the meantime, download the latest version of ANA, and you should be able to use that at least!

Install the 64bit version of ANA then it works.

There’s still no 64-bit compatible version of Sylenth, right?

You’re right David but Roben was just talking about this plug-in called JBridge that enables you to use your 32 bit plugins with the 64 bit DAW it might be your best shot MGITM…I haven’t used it myself though so I can’t comment on the quality of it!

Thanks James.