Help cant view the new fidget electro tutorials?

hi i’m sonic insider and cant view the new tutorials? i always get the message you must be a subscriber & logged in, to view this item…lol i am logged in and i am a subscriber? a little help here thank you!

im getting the same problem

yeah i am having the same problem too

Yep I am also getting errors.

Sorry an unexpected error has occurred…

Please contact the web administrator with details of your problem.

hi to all the guys that where having the same problem as me! i solved it myself by just resseting my password!:smiley: problem is gone for me:cool: so try the same maybe it will work for everyone?..cheers

I’ve reset my password and nothing happened

sorry about that guys, we’ve been having a few teething problems with the new page linking system we’ve been using

if you logged back in when you received the error it should have let you have access to the videos, i have however updated the links and it should be all working now!

Cheers Bryan.

Cool tutorial :cool:

i can’t see any links to sign up to purchase that tutorial do i need to be subscribed before i can see what?

hi wonk,

sorry for the delay!

yes the newest tutorials are always available exclusively to our subscribers for a timed period, and then will later be available for one off payment downloads!